Oskar Maarleveld is a visual artist, designer, musician, and art teacher from Amsterdam. In his artistic practice and as an educator he seeks ways to create meaningful and unexpected connections.

After research in reflection methods Oskar developed a new and more visual reflection method for artistic work in art education. Link

In 2024, Oskar will start research into effective and unconventional working methods for art analysis and art appreciation in the classroom and on location. The proceeds of the research for the art education professorship will lead to a book with the working title: WWOW! Wicked Ways Of Watching. Link

The band Press Rec & Play is a recent project in which he combines his passions for music, text, art and design. In 2021 he recorded the album Excellent Mistakes. Together with the album he created a series of artworks such as limited Riso prints for each different track. He is currently working on a new album entitled ‘Portable Meeting point', which will be released in 2024.

For more info visit Press Rec & Play.nl